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BICEPP's Annual Dinner Awards Process


Each year BICEPP recognizes and honors individuals and organizations who have shown outstanding achievements in the field of emergency preparedness, management, response, mitigation, communications and recovery.

BICEPP’s Annual Awards Event is also an excellent networking opportunity with seasoned preparedness professionals. 


President’s Award

The President’s Award is considered the highest honor and is selected by and presented by BICEPP's President.  This award recognizes an individual or group when their leadership, dedication and actions personify the mission of BICEPP. 


Award of Excellence  (Up to 5 awardees)

Nominees for this award included individuals, groups and organizations whose contributions reflect an extraordinary dedication to the promotion and improvement of the emergency preparedness industry.  Recipients may be volunteers or employed in the field of emergency management, response, recovery or a related field. 


Recognition Awards  (Up to 10 awardees)

Nominees for this award include individuals, groups and organizations whose contributions reflect a dedication to emergency preparedness.  Awardees have provided a service or contribution that created a significant enhancement to the field of emergency preparedness or related fields.  This award recognizes efforts of the often ‘unseen individual’ who works behind the scenes for their organization. 


Rising Star Award  (Up to 3 awardees)

This award recognizes the success and highlights the accomplishments of those new to the emergency management professions' various expertise categories.  Nominees represent the future of emergency planning and preparedness.

Persons of any age with under two years of experience in the field of emergency preparedness, response, mitigation, communications, recovery or related fields are eligible for this award.

The Awards Will be Presented at BICEPP's Annual Awards Dinner the Fall.

Congratulation's to all BICEPP award recipients...

BICEPP Recognizes Its 2018 Awardees
An awesome evening. Thanks to the awardees and all who attended.

President's Award
Margaret Vinci - Caltech & long time BICEPP Board Member and contributor being presented the President's Award by BICEPP's President, Chris Wright.
2018 president
The Rising Star Award

Randy Braverman - Safety Specialist, Safe-T-Proof
Brenda Rodriguez - 
Emergency Management Intern, City of LA EMD
Tim Padilla - Emergency Services Training Coordinator, NBC Universal

2019 Rising Stars
Award of Excellence

Jennifer Gamon - CAPS Aviation
Jill Barnes -  LAUSD Emergency Services Coordinator
Gary Hanfling - CERT Volunteer, NBC 
Dr Dennis Mileti
Los Angeles Police Department's Valley Bureau
Southern California Preparedness Foundation
Awardee of Excellence
Award of Recognition

Bruce Jones - Midland
Shawn Ferry - Safe-T-Proof
City of LA Community Preparedness Engagement Division
LAFD ACS Members
Long Beach Department of Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Communications
City of Los Angeles EMD
2019 Award of Recognition

BICEPP's World Famous Disaster Preparedness Raffle
Famous Drawing

Plan to join in for another outstanding BICEPP Awards Dinner in the Fall of 2019.

2018 BICEPP Annual Awards Dinner Flyer

2017 BICEPP Award Recipients (Friday, Nov 7)
 Sportsman Lodge  -  2017 Awards Event Invitation Here


2016 BICEPP Award Recipients (Thursday, Nov 3)
 Brookside Golf Club 2016 Invitation Here


President Chris Wright's Award Presented To:

Tim Kneeland, Survival Educators - Rationale


Award of Excellence

Helinet Aviation, Accepted by Chief Pilot Garrot Dalton - Rationale


Recognition Awards

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles - Rationale

City of Hope National Medical Center - Rationale

Dennis Ortiz, Disaster Management Systems - Rationale

Jeff Lengyel, Disaster Management Systems - Rationale

Board Members: Jeff Edelstein, Les Borsay, Nina Johnson, Margaret Vinci,
Tim Kneeland, Patty Kirby, Alan Farber, Chris Wright & Nathan Wolfstein.
Please join us next November...

2015 BICEPP Award Recipients (Thu Nov 5)
94th Aero Squadron Restaurant 2015 Invitation Here
President Ross Kocen's Award Presented To:
University of Southern California, Fire & Safety Emergency Planning
Award of Excellence
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrence
Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital
National Search Dog Foundation
Tim Kneeland, Survival Educators

2014 BICEPP Award Recipients (Thu Nov 13)
Smoke House  2014 Invitation Here
President Mike Riley's Award Presented To:
Frank Borden, Los Angeles Fire Department Assistant Chief (Retired)
Award of Excellence
Terri Chapman, Delta Dental BCP Program Manager
Access Services, Safety Training & Emergency Preparedness Department
Community Stakeholder Network (CSN), Homeland Security advisory Council
Special Recognition
City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department for their:
5 Steps to Neighborhood Preparedness Toolkit
City of Los Angeles Emergency Medical Services Agency for their:
Mass Fatality Management Guide for Healthcare Entities

2013 BICEPP Award Recipients (Thu Nov 14)
Smoke House  2013 Invitation Here
President's Award Presented To:
Anna Burton, City of Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Department
Award of Excellence
USC Office of Fire Safety & Emergency Planning
Ida and Scott Noack, NBC Universal, Make-Up Designory
Paul Weinberg, City of Santa Monica Emergency emergency Service Coordinator
Special Recognition
Richard Cortes, NBC Universal, Los Angeles County Fire Station 51/Universal Studios Hollywood

2012 BICEPP Award Recipients (Sat Nov 10)
The Federal Bar and Grill  2012 Invitation Here
President's Award Presented To:
Mario Guerra, Warner Brothers Studios Facilities (Retired)
Award of Excellence
Burbank Fire Corps
Jeff Howe, City of Burbank
Thea Martin, Pet Safe Coalition
Michael Ripley, NBCUniversal
NBCUniversal/Warner Brothers CERT Team

2011 BICEPP Award Recipients (Sat Nov 19) Mediterranean Garden Grill Restaurant
President Nancy Mathews' Award Presented To:
Award of Excellence
Dr Lucy M. Jones, USGS Chief Scientist
Champion Awards
Larry Collins, LA County Fire Department
Paul Schulz, American Red Cross, LA Region
Florence Chung, Target Corporation
Jeff Edelstein, SOS Survival Products & BICEPP Board Member
Fan Abel, Area E; DMAC

2010 BICEPP Award Recipients (Sat Nov 20)
McCormick & Schmick's in Downtown LA
President Mike Kemp's Award Presented To:
Margaret Vinci, Cal Tech Manager of Earthquake Programs
Award of Excellence
Terri Chapman, Delta Dental

Kathrene Hansen, Greater Los Angeles Federal Executive Board 

Kathy Hogan, NBC Universal
Nancy Mathews, Mathews Consulting
NBC Universal CERT Team “Emergency 51”
Linda Pruett, Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council 

Recognition Awards

Eric Baumgardner, Burbank Fire Corps Program

Jeff Edelstein, SOS Survival Products
Chris Petrakis, J. Paul Getty Trust
David Schow, J. Paul Getty Trust 


2009 BICEPP Award Recipients (Sat Nov 10)
McCormick & Schmick's in Burbank
President Steve Goldfarb's Award Presented To:
James Featherstone, City of LA Emergency Management Department
Award of Excellence
Michael Camacho, NBC Universal

Margaret Vinci, CalTech
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, - Stephanie Caldwell
William Robertson, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services

Chris Petrakis, J. Paul Getty Trust 

Recognition Awards

Eric Franco, JD Power & Associates
Adriana van West, AEGON
Mike Kemp, BICEPP Treasurer
Kristen Decker, J. Paul Getty Trust
Terri Chapman, Delta Dental


2008 BICEPP Award Recipients
 (Sat Nov 22) The Queen Mary, Mauretania Room


President Steve Goldfarb's Award Presented To:
Los Angeles Mayor Bradley, Accepted by his Daughter Lorraine Bradley
Award of Excellence

Councilman Greig Smith, City of Los Angeles

Margaret Vinci, CalTech
Rick Delgado, CERT volunteer
NBC Universal Studio Operations 

Eagle ScoutParents ESP
Mike Kemp, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Universal Studios Hollywood/CityWalk

Mario C. Guerra, Warner Bros. Studios

Jeff Edelstein, SOS Survival Products

Mike Ripley, NBC Universal
Ray Arias, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Marvin Dean, South Bakersfield CERT

Bob Beecher, BICEPP Webmaster
Steve Goldfarb, USC


2006 BICEPP Award Recipients
(Sat Dec 9)
Caltech Citrus Bistro Agenda
President Roland DeRocili's Award Presented To:
Bob Lee, Borden/Lee Consulting
Award of Excellence
Jim Watters, President & General Manager, NBC Universal Studio Operations
City of Moorpark for their Emergency Evacuation Needs Registry  
Gary Stephens, Sempra Energy Emergency Services
Award of Merit
Hugh Riley (John Brand accepted for Hugh), 
City of Moorpark Police Services Center
ERT Challenge Event Committee: Gary Furukawa,
Nancy Mathews, Andy Bogus, Chris Barbour, Tracy Fessler, Maria Grycan, Kris Sefton, Bob Lee, LeVal Lund, Jon Fessler, Jeff Edelstein, Margaret Vinci, Tamiza A. Teja, Roland DeRocili, Lee Goldstein,
Bob Beecher, Steve Goldfarb, Mike Kemp, Kelly Shivertaker,
Marcia Cronk, Mario Guerra, Don Hubbard, Todd Kleopfer,
Bill McCloud, Anna Burton, Ellis Stanley, Carol Parks,
Stacy Gerlich, James Harkins, Mitch McKnight, Ramon Willis,
Marc Shapiro, Aaron Walker, Kevin Mason, Ren Powers,
William Lloyd, and Randy Marsile.

2005 BICEPP Award Recipients.A. Fire Dept Historical Society Museum
President Kelly Shivertaker's Award Presented To:
Chuck Labrow, NBC Universal
Award of Excellence
John Douglass, Palos Verdes Peninsula CERT
J. Paul Getty Trust, Emergency Preparedness Program
Captain Mike Roche, City of Vernon Fire Department
2005 Amgen Exercise Facilitation Team
Award of Merit
Beth Ryan, Universal Studios
The Amgen Team: Steve Cook, Matt Frerer,
Kevin Grizard, Denise Hearst, Jack Kehoe, Doreen Lopez, 
Rick Renshaw & Chris Wright     

2003 BICEPP Award Recipients
President's Award Presented To:
Dave Geary, Universal

2002 BICEPP Award Recipients
President's Award Presented To:
Ellis Stanley, City of Los Angeles

2001 BICEPP Award Recipients
President's Award Presented To: 
Nina Johnson, Institute for Emergency Training

1996 BICEPP Award Recipients
President's Award Presented To:
Chris Wright, Amgen